Discover osurvey® meter: our system for the objective measurement of Radio and TV audience

How it was born
and how it evolved

Desia starts with the development of osurvey® in 2016 and completes a first version in 2017.

It was born as an application dedicated to the collection and processing of data on the move, used by panellists recruited by research institutes.

In 2019, an advanced and innovative version of osurvey®, was dedicated to measuring Radio and TV audience ratings.

A first experience was the application of osurvey® for the Qualitel surveys in RAI, from 2020 to March 2023.

During Qualitel's period of experience, given the market needs, we oriented and optimized osurvey® towards the detection of Radio audience, lacking an objective Meter.

and working

  • An innovative analysis system, based on a dedicated panel and mobile App.
  • A great level of detail and precision of the collected data.
  • Objective collection on 24h and for any Radio or TV station!
  • Possibility of interacting with the Panel by administering questionnaires while listening.
  • Its execution is automatic, it does not interfere with the daily activities of the panelists and it does not require their intervention to identify the broadcasters.
  • It is available for free on the Apple and Google stores and is compatible with all the main mobile devices on the market. Access is subject to the activation of individual accounts, which are assigned to the recruited and active panelists.
  • osurvey® is active in real-time, and identifies, in full respect of the privacy of all study participants, the radio sources to which each panelist is exposed and traces their listening with absolute rigor.
  • The panelists keep the App active 24 hours a day, osurvey® works in the background without affecting the normal use of the panelist's device, all this makes it sufficient to collect complete data, in all time slots.
  • The listeners' privacy is guaranteed by the fact that they are specifically recruited, with information and consent management fully compliant with current legislation on the subject, and by the very short duration of the environmental audio fragments with regular sampling (every 20 seconds). These are encoded by the device generating so-called 'fingerprints' and sent to the processing server for matching with the broadcasts, so as to return the listening result in real-time. It should be emphasized that the fingerprint encodings allow anonymity with respect to the environmental audio where the detection takes place, furthermore the elaborate fingerprints do not allow decoding towards the original audios, all this to the advantage of compliance with the privacy regulations in force.
  • With osurvey® it is possible to recognize the radio listened to by the panelists objectively and in real time, using the most advanced recognition technologies and comparing the audio signature received by the panelist's device with the live audio broadcast by the radio stations.
  • The audience data is integrated with the profiling information of each panelist and with the geographical position from which the audience is listened to, from which it is possible to elaborate whether this takes place on the move or from a fixed location, as well as the detection of the audience source.

osurvey® allows
you to detect:

  • Real-time listening;
  • Average quarter hour down to the minute;
  • Real-time and historical listening percentages;
  • Average listening time;
  • Comparative analysis (in percentage and absolute values, statistics dedicated to the comparison of listeners between broadcasters and time slot);
  • Trend analysis (in percentages and absolute values, very useful for viewing audience flows between broadcasters, by time slot, even during broadcasts);
  • Listening GPS position detection;
  • Recognition of passages of commercials;
  • Podcast recognition (under development);
  • Listening source recognition (under development);