Our success

Since 2019, desia® has been
official RAI supplier

In the last few years, as a partner of renowned research companies, we have collaborated in some of the main media events in our country.

Since 2019 we have been official supplier of the Italian public broadcasting company.

Election Specials:
in the wings, but as key players

In recent years, we have collaborated with prominent research firms in realizing exit polls and projections for RAI channels (TV, radio, teletext and web) at relevant election rounds.

Our system is used to collect data in real time from polling stations, process it promptly and send it to journalists and pollsters; and finally represent the election results through clear and understandable graphics.

We work behind the scenes, but always as protagonists, easing the work of journalists, commentators and pollsters at major electoral events - such as referendums or general and European elections.

Our endeavors have been widely appreciated, especially for managing all activities in a smooth and orderly manner and for creating cutting-edge technical solutions.

During a live broadcast, combining timeliness, readiness and precision is not easy: our proven teamwork has made it possible.

Our melody at the
Sanremo Music Festival

From 2019 to 2021 we partnered with Notosondaggi to organize and manage all the votings for the Italian Song Festival (including the youth challenge in December).

For the occasion we developed a management software and dedicated mobile apps both for the press room and the popular and honor juries. So we ran all the voting smoothly, keeping the fast pace of a live broadcast.

Likewise, we provided all types of hardware and software at every stage of the process, from the collection of raw data to its computerized processing, up to the delivery of the envelopes with final results.

During the events, in the room chaired by a notary, our charting tools enabled journalists, commentators and opinion leaders to monitor the voting progress in real time, before the results were made public.

Finally we integrated data from televoting, popular and honor juries and press room to draw up the final rankings, which sparked a lot of debate among music lovers.